Presenting companies that have signed up to present at this event, and the venues they will present at, include:

Adriana Resources adriana London & Zurich

Alma Resources alma resources London & Zurich

Amerigo Resources amerigo resources London & Zurich

Aquila Resources Aquila Resource London & Zurich

Beartooth Platinum Beartooth Platinum London & Zurich

Birim Goldfields Birim Goldfields London & Zurich

Calvalley Petroleum Calvalley Petroleum London & Zurich

Canoro Resources canoro London & Zurich

Carpathian Gold Carpathian Gold London & Zurich

Cassidy Gold Corp Cassidy Gold London & Zurich

Celtic Minerals Celtic Minerals London & Zurich

Consolidated Thompson Lundmark Gold Mines Condsolidated Thompson London & Zurich

Dia Bras Exploration Dia Bras London & Zurich

Erdene Gold Erdene Gold Inc London & Zurich

Excellon Resources Excellon Resources London & Zurich

Excelsior Energy

London & Zurich

Globestar Mining Corporation GlobeStar Mining London & Zurich

Gold Hawk Resources Gold Hawk Resources London & Zurich

Great Panther Resources Great Panther London & Zurich

High River Gold High River Gold London & Zurich

Island Oil & Gas Island London

Keeper Resources Great Panther London & Zurich

Lateegra Gold Corp Lateegra London & Zurich

Longford Corporation Longford Corp London & Zurich

MagIndustries Corp MagIndustries London & Zurich

Magnum Uranium Magnum Uranium London & Zurich

Mercator Minerals Mercator Minerals London & Zurich

Midway Gold Midway Gold London & Zurich

Mundoro Mining mundoro mining London & Zurich

Nevtah Nevtah London & Zurich

Norsemont Mining Norsemont Mining London & Zurich

Ovoca Resources Ovoca London & Zurich

Petrolifera Petroleum Petrolifera London & Zurich

Primeline Energy Primeline energy London & Zurich

Rally Energy Rally Energy London & Zurich

Sherwood Copper sherwood copper London & Zurich

Transeuro Energy transeuro energy London & Zurich

Valencia Ventures Valencia Ventures London & Zurich

West Hawk Development West Hawk Dev London & Zurich

Winstar Resources Winstar London & Zurich

Presenting Opportunities
Presenting at this forum offers excellent opportunities to showcase your company to some of the leading global investors and corporates. It will offer you the opportunity to communicate your projected capital raising plans or simply help you in finding the right partner for your business. Sachs Associates conferences have a strong track record of successfully bringing together emerging growth companies and investors. We are offering a strictly limited number of presenting opportunities to present in a highly prominent position in the programme. We can only accept applications on a first come – first served basis and as such, those received first are given prior consideration.

For further information or to apply to present at the forum, please do not hesitate to contact us on + 44 20 7405 5544,

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